The 6 delicious blog posts which you want read.


 Today's post I want to dedicate to the topical issue for many bloggers, how and what to write on your blog. Moreover, I want to discuss the semantic content, the nature of the direction and the interestingness of the article, and not some technical points.

In a word, I propose to deal with the classification of the types of articles for the blog, so that our visitors would like to read our posts from the first headline to the last point, and then enthusiastically write detailed comments on them.

But we will not start with a classification, but with common features that every post should have, the author of which claims to be successful in his offspring.

What common features should a quality post have for any thematic blog?

In order to thoroughly understand this issue, I propose to go in order, that is, from the title to the last sentence. So, any quality blog has:

1. Catchy headline. To make it attractive to readers and like search robots, you need to take into account 3 points. Firstly, a quality title should succinctly reflect the main idea of ​​the article so that the reader can immediately understand what it is about. Secondly, in order for the title of the article to attract the attention of the target audience, it must take into account their needs, problems and interests. And, thirdly, in the context of the title, it is necessary to organically enter the keywords for which the post is being optimized.

For example, this article is written on a turn-key basis “what to write about in a blog”, the target audience is the authors of thematic blogs who constantly take care of the diverse and interesting content of their resource. And the main idea is to help them in this.

2. An exciting start. Here it is necessary to explain to your reader in a few sentences what the main issues will be raised in the article, for what level of readers this article will be useful.

3. Consistent presentation. One of the copywriting teachers said that a good constructive article is like a small stream that gradually flows into a big river. This means that the content of the article should develop smoothly and gradually from simple to complex, from explaining specific things in ordinary words to getting the final result.

4. Logical conclusion. Without it, articles look sparse, and the reader is left feeling abandoned. A polite author will always say goodbye to his reader and invite him to express his opinion, because blog articles are written in order to evoke a response from the audience, right?

5. Good structure. Here I mean that the article should be divided into paragraphs, paragraphs should be separated from each other by an empty line, and the article itself should be supplemented with subheadings. When an article is well structured, it is much easier and more enjoyable to read.

6. Nice appearance. You yourself know that they begin to read an article only after a cursory review and assessment of its general appearance. Of course, the size and color of the font and background depends on the selected template, and we are unlikely to be able to fix anything here ourselves, unless we choose a different template. For that, we can pick up explanatory pictures for the article, find or shoot a video. If you still don’t know how to prepare a photo for publication, or insert a video on a blog, then read about it here and here .

So, in general terms, I have everything. Consider them when writing your posts, and they will turn out to be useful and interesting for you, I recommend that you see this article of mine for a complete picture . And now let's see how and what to blog about in terms of genre.

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